During our thirteen years of experience we have learned much about which hardware is up to the rigorous demands of digital signage. Consumer TV’s and cheap PC’s were never intended to power 24 X 7 digital networks. At ADFLOW we will ask you many questions about your intended application, and recommend the right hardware for your business goals and budget.

There are many factors which drive which hardware components will be most appropriate and yet many software companies do not provide application specific recommendations to their clients.

At ADFLOW we will consider:

  • ADFLOW Networks will provide recommendations that ensure your hardware will provide a worry free, cost effective solution that lasts for years.
  • What brightness of screen is required based on location. (Does the screen face an outside window)
  • Where are the best locations for screens and media players? Since ADFLOW media players can power up to 4 screens, the location should be the most cost effective and easiest to service.
  • “Future Proofing” your purchase by recommending hardware the can be upgraded if future requirements change.
  • Ensuring the hardware will utilize the full capabilities of ADFLOW’s DMS software.

At ADFLOW, procurement is one of our core competencies. We have developed strong relationships with major digital technology equipment providers in order to provide the latest technological innovations across all hardware components. Because we purchase large quantities, we can typically provide all hardware required in a cost effective manner.


ADFLOW_IntelGold2016_smallGold partner status provides ADFLOW with many benefits including a higher level of product support, additional opportunities for marketing collaboration, and advanced warranty replacement on Intel products through our channel partners.