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ADFLOW Networks is a full-service solutions provider. We are digital signage experts so you don’t have to be. We have developed our current suite of service offerings based on the learnings of 13 years of working with clients. Following is an overview of our current service offerings


Since our inception, ADFLOW Networks has provided full installation services to our clients. We have deployed our solution in every environment imaginable, from retail stores, pharmacies, banks, convenience stores, etc. and learned the nuances of each physical environment. Poorly designed and installed systems can fail to create the professional experience you are after, and they may be unreliable and ineffective, resulting in downtime and a negative customer experience.

We understand that our customers want the installation process to go smoothly, but also efficiently. For that reason, our ADFLOW Networks Installations Services team will perform a series of site surveys in advance of the actual installation to ensure we know exactly where and how to install the equipment. After the site survey, our Installations Services team will provide an updated solutions document that will outline the recommendations ADFLOW has for your specific installation plan. Our installation plan also allows for you to continue with “business as usual” during installation. Our installation experience allows us to make recommendations during each site visit on how to maximize the effects of your digital signage solution. Our team ensures that the installation is done right, the first time.


At ADFLOW we live by the motto that “content is king.” Without the right content, a digital signage solution is not going to deliver the desired results. Our content team will work with you to ensure that your content is timely, relevant and targeted; whether advertising through influencing POS decisions, or educating clients about services and current news and weather. Our content team has experience and thus a set of best practices when determining factors relevant to creating content for different digital displays; such as font and image sizes and colours, video or image lengths, and appropriate numbers of words or images.

Our content team can also be as involved as you would like us to be in order to help you in each step of the process; whether you just need to repurpose current content to make it effective for digital signage, need to create all-new content, or would like us to work with an existing third-party agency, we are able to scale our content services based on your specific needs.


A successful digital signage project requires the coordination of a lot of moving parts. Synchronizing the arrival of hardware, installation crews, and the timely delivery of content requires a project management methodology that accounts for all activities and their ownership. Over our 13 years, we have managed single site, single screen installation, and installation of hundreds of sites and thousands of screens. We have developed best practices for managing both. ADFLOW’s project management service is your insurance policy that the project will be done, on time and on budget in the least invasive way to your business

At ADFLOW Networks each customer is assigned a dedicated project manager to guide you through each step of the process. Our team members are problem-solvers by nature and will make front-line decisions in the best interest of customer satisfaction. We understand that time and convenience is extremely important; our project management team will work with you to ensure that everything arrives at the right place at the right time.


The ADFLOW Networks Customer Care Team provides the first line of support to all of our customers in order to provide problem determination and action to resolve any support questions you may have. Our commitment to providing purpose-built, high-quality hardware minimizes the disruptions of failed equipment, but when issues happen we recognize you need assistance QUICKLY. A failed media player or screen can negatively affect your brand and we are experts at monitoring equipment to avoid failure, and responding to failure if it occurs. All displays and media players are monitored on a 24-hour basis, and most hardware problems can be identified and resolved before actual failure. Where on-site service is required, we dispatch a service technician to solve the problem on-site. ADFLOW Networks will provide ongoing call status and completion reporting to you and will also survey you for call resolution and customer satisfaction data. We want to make sure that we have done our job in solving your issues as best as we can.

White Gloves Service. We offer a variety of onsite support options designed to give you choices in your support strategy. For clients that want to minimize the disruption to their business in the unlikely event of hardware failure, ADFLOW offers a “White Glove” support program. You simply let us know that something has failed and if we can’t quickly detect and fix the problem remotely (which we do about 85% of the time) we will be on sight with a replacement within 48 hours. It’s that simple. There is no need for you to worry about vendor warranties or locating or stocking spare equipment.